Kayla Mayer

Kayla Mayer currently storyboards and illustrates for animated YouTube videos over at the bibleproject.com

Her work focuses on fantastic creatures and compelling foliage. There's never been a plant she didn't enjoy drawing. She keeps a steady sketchbook you can follow over at krmayerillustration.tumblr.com. She also loves to hear from other artists, so please feel free to sling a message her way.

Kayla has practiced freelance work for over 4 years. She specializes in illustration for animation, including storyboards, background design, and character design. She also enjoys editorial work, and advertising.

She lives in Portland, and walks to work. Not long ago she graduated from PNCA. A northwest native, she's rather grouchy about all the new people moving to her city.

Clients Include

  • Sincerely Truman
  • Dornbecher Children’s Hospital
  • The Bible Project

Follow Kayla on these sties:

Don’t you realize that night time takes up half of all time?
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